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Like cambium supports the growth of a new tree ring each year indicating patterns of growth, change & structure in a tree; our work centers around creating a package of services that is uniquely shaped to your organization’s goals & needs. 


Our community planning approach includes conducting robust assessments using a variety of adaptable tools to understand the unique needs, barriers, challenges, assets, and opportunities of your community. We specialize in conducting community engagement that centers people whose voices have not been present in planning efforts and we are highly experienced in working with and in communities of color, low-income, LGBTQ+, immigrant, refugee and multilingual, rural and urban communities. We develop recommendations that address root causes of inequity, seek to build real and lasting change and stimulate action, collaboration, and implementation. Our focus areas include food systems, climate change, community revitalization, and neighborhood & economic development. 

The places that we work are not only where we go each day to make a living, but they can be places where we do work that we are passionate about, build skills, create community, and transform power structures to be more equitable. Often, a fast-paced, deliverable, and financially focused work culture can take priority over the way that we work together. Cambium can help your organization transform itself to create a culture of anti-racism, shared power & leadership, and a place where everyone can be their full selves. Our services include, but are not limited to: ​​

  • Facilitating Retreats, including for Staff and/or Executive Leadership

  • Transforming Decision-making, Structure & Culture-building towards Liberation

  • Conducting Organizational Anti-Racism & Oppression Assessments

  • Supporting Affinity Groups by various dimensions of positionality and identity

  • Creating Plans for Organizational Development, especially regarding Equity & Justice 

  • Facilitating Strategic Planning & Visioning for Change



Our team includes experienced facilitators & trainers who are ready to work with your team to meet your unique needs. We support agenda development, facilitation & training and develop clear notes & summaries post-meeting. Our facilitating and training utilizes a variety of approaches based on popular education, participatory learning & collective wisdom. Our services include:

  • Facilitation and agenda development for strategic planning, visioning, retreats, evaluations and more

  • Coaching and Mentorship 

  • Anti-Racism & Oppression, Leadership Development, & Facilitation Trainings based on the needs and goals of your group

  • Conflict Transformation mediation

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