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What We Believe

 Cambium Collective believes that to grow a just and equitable world, we need approaches to change that lead to the transformation of ourselves, the places that we work, and the communities that we live in. By doing this necessary work, it becomes easier for people to have their voices heard, to live and work at our fullest potential, to reach our organizational goals faster and to create communities where our needs are sustainably met. In this moment where continued social violence, tension and harm is paired with the growing urgency of climate change, Cambium Collective offers a range of services & processes that are grounded in an understanding of power that enables us to nurture liberating relationships. 

These core beliefs form the roots to the way that we are building our collective, working with each other, our work and the services that we provide:

  • Change is not only possible, it is inevitable, similar to how a tree changes through the seasons each year.

  • To create a just & equitable world, systemic, structural, organizational, cultural and personal transformation & healing are essential. 

  • The roots of systemic oppression are interwoven, intersectional and connected.

  • Moments of transformation can occur quickly, but the work of transformation takes time & sustained effort.

  • By transforming systems of oppression, we create spaces where reaching our goals, dreams and living fully is possible.

  • In order to live & work to our potential, all parts of us need to be present, shared, seen & loved. 

  • We need the leadership, vision, presence and creativity from the people who have been most impacted by systems of oppression in order to be successful.

  • The speed of growth and change can only move as fast as trust in each other allows.

  • We have reached an equitable & just world when Black, trans, undocumented, poor & people with all types of bodies are able to live full lives without structural obstacles.

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